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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Love me Some Wolverine

My fiancé is a Comic Book junkie…yep, I’ve never been much for reading the stories even though, like most people I’m a fan of the Characters and I never past up a Super hero Movie :) I mean who doesn’t Love Hugh Jackman as Wolverine…Everybody loves him! But I digress..I do however love flipping through his books and checking out the art. Comic Book art is the best, dark, think lines, extreme colors. It’s my kind of illustrations. Recently I have found another wonderful use for his comic books…BACKING BOARDS! The little stiff cardboard that goes in the back of the bag. They are perfect for fun, quick pictures. A nice white thin canvas that water colors, markers, acrylics, you name it, glides on like a breeze. So to his dismay I’ve been snatching a few boards and letting my creative juices flow. I don’t even use a table, I just flop down on the couch infront of the TV and sketch my little heart out. It’s been nice. Lucky for my fiancé you can buy backing boards for cheap…he is gonna have to stock up now :P.
Okay so I told you all this because I have a few pictures that I have done on my new Comic Book size canvases. They are just some little things I doodled while watching Christmas movies. I’ve started painting them and I’m excited about how they are turning out.
I’ve run on too long on this blog but I just wanted to give you a heads up. I’m going to be posting them in the next couple of days. So Please keep checking my blog for updates.

Thanks for reading, now get back to thinking about Hugh Jackman….sigh :)

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