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Mystic Reflections' Creations

Mystic Reflections' Creations

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  • Aug. 30th - Sep. 3rd - DragonCon: Atlanta GA
  • Feb. 23rd-24th 2018 - ConNooga, Chattanooga TN
  • Nov. 17th-19th 2017 - Atlanta Steampunk Exposition: Atlanta GA
  • Nov. 11th - 12th 2017 - Christmas at Lithia Springs High school, Lithia Springs GA
  • Oct. 7th 2017 - RevFest: Rev Coffee Smyrna GA

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Friday, December 29, 2017

Custom Sculptures make Great Christmas Gifts!

Hello Everyone! I hope you all had a Wonderful Christmas and got lots of fun gifts from Santa! :)
I had a very busy season, I received so many custom sculpture requests, I was working almost all of November and December. But I was super pleased with how the commissions turned out so I wanted to share a few pieces with you all.
I made several Christmas Ornaments.

Gingerbread Turtle ornament.

I did some Christmas themed pets. 
Some Dragon Pals with fun personalities, along with some sewing themed mice. 

And who doesn't love Disney Themed Art! These where some of my favorite pieces to make this year. 

I had so much fun creating such unique sculptures for creative people. I can't wait to see what requests I get next year. Happy New Year Everyone!
Want to request a custom sculpture? Just message me on my Etsy store or email me at for a quote.
Thanks for reading!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Gingerbread Cookies Anyone?!

It's that time of year again, time for my Annual Christmas Myxie(mystic pixie) Ornament. Number Five.
Annual Christmas Myxie ornaments 2013-2016
This year's Christmas Myxie Ornament is gingerbread themed. I had a great time making little gingerbread men cookies to accessorize her out fit.

Can't eat these tasty looking treats. 
For the Myxie, I usually start off by forming a wire frame, sort of like a skeleton for a sculpture. Then I start sculpting the torso from the shoulders to the knees around the wire. Then I sculpt the legs from the knee down, feet and arms to the elbow, these are then added to the torso.
I usually sculpt the head and face next, attaching the head to the wire frame and sculpting the neck, forearms and hands last.
Here's some fun collages I put together to show my hand and feet sculpting process.

Now my piece is completely sculpted, time to paint the details to my Gingerbread Myxie.
Can't forget to paint her sweet tiny shoes.

I hand sew each tiny garment. Hand crafting her a perfect outfit to match her personality and theme.
After finishing her clothes, I give this bald little darling some hair. I add the polymer clay gingerbread cookies and some fun candies to her hair-do.
Now she is ready for her frosted wings, I specially handcraft them for her using craft wire, plastic and some polymer clay made to look like icing adds the finishing touch.

Lastly I sculpt her a little wooden spoon with some icing on it for her to hold. 
ALL DONE! The 5th annual Christmas Myxie ornament is complete and looking festive...and tasty. :)

This beautiful piece is available on my Etsy store.

Here's a fun blog on my process for the Myxie ornament from 2016.
Follow my Facebook page and Instagram to get updates and progress photos as I make new pieces.
Check out my Etsy store for my available sculptures.

Thanks for reading! And Happy Holidays!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Atlanta Steampunk's fancier when you spell it out.

My hubby and I will be at Atlanta Steampunk Exposition this weekend. I will have my available sculptures with me, my inventory is a bit small because I have been working on several custom sculptures this month, but I have a few little guys for you. I will also have my Art prints, coloring/children's books and new Christmas cards available at our booth. My husband will have all his books there and will be signing them so make sure you stop by to see us. :)

Hope to see everyone at the convention.
Thanks for reading!

Monday, November 6, 2017

It's Christmas Time in Lithia this Weekend!

Hello Everyone!
Just wanted to let you all know I'll be in Lithia Springs this weekend for CHRISTMAS IN LITHIA! A fun craft show with lots of Holiday goodies.
I will be there with my Art Prints, Coloring Book and Children's Book available AND I am hoping to have some new Christmas cards available at the show.

My husband will be there too with copies of all of his novels, including all 4 of his Winston and Baum series.
Also my talented sewing sister will have lots of hand sewn bags, purses and totes.

FUN FUN! Make sure you make your way to Lithia Springs High school to come see us at our booth.
Thanks for reading!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Then and Now Mystic Reflections style

Practice truly makes perfect, and when you are an artist you never really stop practicing. With each piece you make, you get a little better; your technique is refined and you learn a little more. That is why each year my style changes slightly and my pieces get more detailed.
I was recently going through my photos of past sculptures and found a few of the pieces that I recreated this year. So I thought it would be fun to post some "then and now" collages for you all. :)

Crazy what a few years can do, right?
So for those artists out there that aren't quite satisfied with their skill level, Don't give up, just keep Arting. :)
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Dragon Con has Come and Gone

Another Dragon Con is over. Had a great show; almost all of my little Steampunk and Fantasy animal pals found new homes. I got a huge response over my newest gallery pieces, several of my large sculptures sold. Got to meet so many interesting people and hang out with my Con Buddies. A Big Thank you to everyone that came by my booth!
Dragon Con was alot of fun, I can't wait to see everyone next year.
Taking a small break from sculpting but only for a a week or two so don't worry, I will be back to work soon. :)
I'm still updating my Etsy store with the pieces that were left after the Convention and my newest Prints but I should have all my available pieces listed no later than tomorrow.
Until next time DragonCon!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Here Comes Dragon Con!

Three months of sculpting my little fingers to the bones is coming to an end, but my work is not over yet. Now comes four crazy days of long nights, early mornings and Sci-fi and Fantasy Geekdom as far as the eye can see. Ladies and CON!!!
I never seem completely ready for this weekend, it comes up so fast, leaving me with a to-do list only a quarter way finished. BUT alas there is no stopping it, so me and my little creations step into the Artshow ready for the on coming Fandom Storm. It's not all work and no play though, looking forward to seeing all the awesome costumes, re-connecting with Con-buddies, the fun parties and convention swag, Oh yes the swag. :D But enough about the craziness of the show, you wanna know what Mystic Reflections is gonna have for you this year, right?!
I got another small army of cuteness for ya. These little darlings will be available for you at my vending table.
Steampunk Animal Pals
Sweet little Dragon Pals 

Cthulhus or Cutethulhus as I call them. :)
Pocket Watches. 

I will also have several books available at my table, my Henna Dreamers Coloring Book, The Adventures of Mend children's book and my hubby's novels, including everyone's favorite Steampunk Adventure series, Winston and Baum books 1-4.
Adult Coloring book, Henna Dreamers

Winston and Baum novels and my cute hubby. :)

Childern's book I illustrated in 2014. 
I will also have pieces for auction as always. Here is just a few of the newer pieces that will be available at the show.

Check out my previous blogs for step by step on making these sculptures. 
Alrighty, unless I am forgetting something that'll do it for the exciting pieces I will have with me at the convention. Wanna know how to find me at the show, my little pals and I will be at the Hyatt Hotel in Atlanta GA September 1st - 4th.
Hyatt hotel map of the Dragon Con Artshow
Still packing and tagging all of my little creations so I'll get back to it and I hope to see you all at Dragon Con this weekend! And The Adventure Begins Again!!! :D
Thanks for reading!