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Mystic Reflections' Creations

Mystic Reflections' Creations

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  • Aug. 30th - Sep. 3rd - DragonCon: Atlanta GA
  • Feb. 23rd-24th 2018 - ConNooga, Chattanooga TN
  • Nov. 17th-19th 2017 - Atlanta Steampunk Exposition: Atlanta GA
  • Nov. 11th - 12th 2017 - Christmas at Lithia Springs High school, Lithia Springs GA
  • Oct. 7th 2017 - RevFest: Rev Coffee Smyrna GA

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Riding a Steampunk Carousel

    I have always loved carousels ever since I was little and didn't have people yelling at me to get off and let the children have a turn...Who says adults can't go to carousels and ride while screaming that they are a princess...Annnywhoo
So I made my own carousel horse and due to my love of all things steampunky, I put a fun little twist to the traditional carousel ride. :)
It's all about dat base so that's what I started with, take several small wood circles, glue them together and drill a hole through the center. ( I got my husband to help with that part because I can't be trusted with power-tools.:P ) Then paint your base, I used white and gold.

 Now for the main part. Sculpt a rough shape of your horse; I usually sculpt the body and limbs separate. After you finish the details on the face you then attach the limbs to the body with wire.

Then you can sculpt any more details to the piece. I usually sculpt pieces that stand freely but this sculpture was a little more challenging because I had to sculpt each part while it had a large wire through the center of it. Made it very difficult to put down, and figuring out how to bake my horse was another chore entirely.
Time to add the steampunky accessories! Using clay and metal jewelry and watch pieces I bring my steampunk carousel horse to life.
All Done! Despite the size of this sculpture, he almost looks like he could carry children around and around until they got sick. FUN!!! :D

I am super happy with how this piece came out, I would love to make a few more steampunk carousel animals but I am not sure if I will be able to with the up coming Dragon Con Art Show I will be attending in September.
Keep checking out my Blog and FaceBook page to see what all I will be working on as the show approaches. :)

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Friday, June 10, 2016

Check out this Crocodile Smile

Spent a few days in Florida last month and it got me in the mood to make an Alligator Steampunk Myxie Pal.
I usually start with sculpting the head on my animal pals and just form a rough shape of the animal's body.
 Then you can start to add the details and smooth out the torso shape.
Then comes the limbs, I sculpt each individually and attach it using craft wire frames. 
Once the body is finished, details such as scales and teeth can be added to the piece. 

Gears, Craft wire and metal jewelry pieces are added to give the animal a Steampunky feel. Then the piece is baked and the remaining details are painted on. And your Steampunk Alligator is done. :)

That's one good lookin Gator. :)
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