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Thursday, January 16, 2014


Morning Everyone!
I have been working all week putting together a Baby Shower for my dear friend. She is having a sweet baby boy and since he is gonna be a Winter Baby, the Shower is going to have a Polar Bear/Snowy Theme! HOW CUTE!!!
So I decided a Fun project would be to make a few Snow Globes to use as center pieces. It was so much fun working on these so I thought I would share the process with you :) You can also find easy D.I.Y.s on Pintrest, that is where I got my “know how” from.
I started out with a little plastic empty snow globe. I found these at Michael's, they had them on sale after the holidays, but a Manson Jar or babyfood jar will work just as good.

Then I sculpted two sweet little Polymer Clay Polar Bears to go inside. If you aren’t feeling super artisty, don’t worry, small clay or plastic figurines you buy at almost any store will work just fine. In fact they have some at Michael's :)

Then affix your figurines to the base or lid of the globe. To do this, I first sanded down the base and bottom of my figure, a rough surface makes for a better hold. Then I used super glue to attach, but epoxy or gorilla glue works too. Let the glue dry over night.

Make sure the figure sits perfectly inside the globe before the next step…

Fill your globe with water, leaving just a small amount of room at the top, then add a tbsp of glycerin and a tbsp of glitter, then put more water until it touches the tippy top...if you don’t fill it all the way you will have an air bubble at the top of your globe, I still got a little one in mine but it’s hard to get it completely bubble free. Oooo Bubbles!

If you make this in a jar, you can then add glue to the inside rim and tightly screw your lid on and DONE!

I slowly pushed my figure and base into the globe (with help from my husband, he held the base for me, four hands is way better than two when working with a bowl filled with water and glitter, didn't want that all over my floor. Would've looked like my Mermaid Myxies had a party in my kitchen :P )
I dried it completely and then added gorilla glue to the opening of the base (again my hubby helped :) ) then we screwed the lid on tightly and left it over night drying before I turned it over.
You don't have to, but if you feel like adding some color to your base, paint the lid or do like I did and add festive tape to it and Modpodge the heck out of it :)


Happy Crafting Everyone! Thanks for reading.