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Mystic Reflections' Creations

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Friday, June 26, 2009

How It's Going so Far...

Hey Everyone,
As you probably know I have been working on a Large Fantasy Painting for Dragon Con. This is a picture that I have been drawing and redrawing since I was a child. In all I have done this picture 4 times, it started out a small picture on notebook paper, then redrawn on 8x10 printer paper. The last one was about 11x17 colored and laminated then given to my mother as a present, not sure if she kept it but no matter because I’m doing it again. This time It is about a 30x24 piece and is the 2nd largest painting I’ve ever done so I’m kinda nervous as to how it will turn out.
I told you all I would keep you up dated on my progress so I included a few pictures so you can see how it is coming along.
Okay first I started with sketching a few of the creatures I wanted to have on it. I arranged the sketches on the canvas and once I had them where I wanted them I drew them on the canvas its self. After tracing over the lines in ink I started to paint the largest part of the whole painting…the Dragon…Ooooooo. I’m using a dark oil/acrylic paint to shade the dragon but once the shading is done I will paint over it in red.

I have a few more pictures to post as I finish so keep checking my blog for updates.
Thanks for looking.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Last Two...Don't Cry

Okay I know I said I only had one more picture to post but I forgot about a picture I was working on that I got TOTALLY frustrated with cause I couldn’t come up with a good background. So I kinda throw it to the side and worked on other pictures BUT I went back to it and was able to do a background that I could be happy with so I’m posting it also. But these two will probably be the last PhotoShop images for a while because I’ll be working on paintings and Myxies. You know you are all super excited about the new Myxies…Come on I can totally tell…just kidding :P

This first one is the one that I was having so much trouble with, see I wanted to do a stain glass window behind her that sort of told her story but for the life of me couldn’t get it to look right. After fighting with it for hours I took out a few of the images that I had in the stain glass originally and just went with the simple clouds and flames. It still gives the viewer and idea of what her story is but leaves more to the imagination then I had planned. But that’s not a bad thing. I call it Self-inflicted

I think this one is my favorite of all my new art. Took me FOREVER to do her hair and then about that long to get the bubbles the way I wanted. It didn’t come out at all the way I pictured it in my head but still came out great I think. I call it Posing Siren

That’s it for the PhotoShop pictures for a little while but I might try and post pictures of my paintings as I finish them so keep checking my blog for updates. Thanks for looking.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Not What You Expected, Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

Well I had a pretty specific plan I was going to follow to get prepared for Dragon Con, but unfortunately time is running out so I have to make a new plan. I originally had about 15 pictures I was going to have completed for the con but alas I color too slow, so I have only finished about half that. I have a painting or two I still need to complete and then I have to get started on the Myxies. But I have finished two new pictures in PhotoShop that I am posting today and then I have one more that should be done this week that I will post. So don’t worry…you will have 3 more pictures to enjoy for now. :)

The first one is really just a doodled I did at a show that I never really intended to color but I liked her and it gave me a chance to try out a few of the tools PhotoShop has. Unfortunately it doesn’t have a title yet.

This picture was drawn over a span of about a year or so. She started out as just a head and some hair…later I added the body and then much later I added her wings and the plant she rests on. I call it Lonely Fairy…probably cause she was missing her wings for so long :P

I have one more picture I will post next week probably, but I will keep you updated on all I am doing for Dragon Con so keep checking my blogs.

Thanks for Looking!

Monday, June 8, 2009

My Ears are Burning...not literally

Hello Friends,
A talented artist named Fran Caldwell wrote a great blog about my Myxies. YAY I feel so important :)
It would be awesome if you all took a look at it. Be sure to leave her a comment about it.

Thanks for looking.

P.S. I’m almost done with another picture, I will probably be able to post it this week so be sure to keep checking my blog for updates on my work.

Tootles Peoples!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Unicorns and Happiness are my Forte

I finished a new picture, I’m really excited about this one because it is different from my other art. I usually draw either females or cute things. Unicorns and Happiness are my forte but with this one I branched off a bit and got in touch with my horror side. I call it “Full Moon” it is of a Werewolf…yeah you see how the name tires in. :P
It really didn’t take me as long as I had originally thought, from start to finish was only about 5 or 6 hours. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. All though I will admit I cheated a little. I have discovered more of the awesomeness that is PhotoShop. With this picture I played around with some of the features for certain things such as his glowing eyes and the bright moon behind him. Glowy eyes Oooooo Creepy.
Have a look see won’t you.

I still have a few more pictures I will be coloring in PhotoShop before I start on more Myxies YAY Everyone’s Favorite :) And I will try to post each of them as I finish so be sure to keep checking my blog for updates.

Thanks for looking.