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Mystic Reflections' Creations

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  • Feb. 23rd-24th 2018 - ConNooga, Chattanooga TN
  • Nov. 17th-19th 2017 - Atlanta Steampunk Exposition: Atlanta GA
  • Nov. 11th - 12th 2017 - Christmas at Lithia Springs High school, Lithia Springs GA
  • Oct. 7th 2017 - RevFest: Rev Coffee Smyrna GA

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Searching for Treasures

My sister and her husband are expanding their little family through Adoption!
We are so very excited and they are getting everything ready but they need some help to make this possible. They are holding an Auction to help raise money. They have some great pieces for you to bid on, including a few pieces I donated to this awesome cause, a Teddy Bear handmade Sculpture and some matted Dragon Doodle Prints of mine. 

My husband has also donated signed copies of his 1st and 2nd Book in his Winston and Baum Steampunk Adventure book series, along with Prints of the cover art. But THAT’S NOT ALL…My sister is amazingly talented with a sewing machine and has made some incredible quilts for you to bid on, any of these will make super gifts for the Holiday :)

Don’t feel like bidding and just want to get a piece now? Well you are in luck, my sister has an Etsy Store where she sells her wonderful purses and handmade bracelets. 
Don’t want to buy anything but still would like to help, you can make a donation through the site Or if you can't donate, Share their page. Spreading the word helps just as much.

I cannot wait to meet the little angel that is able to Bless this sweet couple with your support, Thank you so much for helping a dream come true for this family :)

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My trip to FAIRYLAND!

Went to an awesomely magical place this weekend. In Calhoun, North GA, there is a little place called Folk Art Gardens and I'm pretty sure it is where all the fairies from Ferngully go to vacation. This place made me want to eat mushrooms so I could be small and live in each sweet little building.
Okay so here is some back story on it because for some reason you can't really find much about this wonderful mini Rivendell online. I just happened to stumble across it while reading a magazine that is exclusive to Hiram GA, go figure, it was fate I should find it.  Anyway, I digress, so this guy just decided to build his kids this adorable little village out of concrete and pebbles, and wouldn't you know it, he couldn't stop. So he just kept right on building for YEARS, and now it has become the Magical pint-sized Kingdom it has. Not a far drive from Rome, GA, it was well worth the hour-thirty it took to get there from my house. I did NOT want to leave, but I was scaring the kiddies every time I told them to get off my lawn and my husband had to remind me, I didn't live there, sigh.
But to make this trip even more delightful, a few of my Steampunk Dragon Pals came along, and those sweet little darlings were just the right size to fit in the tiny structures. Now they want to move in LOL :)

Posing with my little guys.

Inside mini Notre Dame. 

The Steampunk Dragons of Notre Dame.

Little Hobbit Cottage was perfect for the Dragon Pals.

I completely recommend everyone go check out this little place. Please be courteous though, alot of work has been put into this wonderful little scene, be mindful not to break or climb on these structures. Also be sure to leave a donation so this place can keep bringing me...errr ...I mean people, much joy :)
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cuteness Overload!

So I completely sold out on my sculpture inventory at the Dragon Con Art Show but never fear, I have been steadily working on some new little Steampunk Dragon Pals...and my goodness the cuteness factor is overwhelming LOL
You may have already seen them if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook but I'm going to post their sweet faces here too, just in case you missed 'em :)

Hoping to make a few more little guys but then I'm going to start on some new Steampunk animal pals, so keep watching my pages for photos. 
Thanks everyone for reading!
Have a Super Day! :D

Thursday, October 2, 2014


So I know it is kind of short notice, but I will be at a small craftshow in Smyrna GA this weekend, Rev Fest
I will be there with my husband, he will have his Winston and Baum books for sale, come by and get a copy, he always gives a special show rate ;) My sister will have a booth there too, she hand makes amazing purses and bags and unique bracelets, you totally need to come check out her stuff!
I won't have my little sculptures with me, because my inventory is still tiny from the Dragon Con artshow last month BUUUUUUT I will have my matted Prints!
So come on by Saturday and get yourself a Coffee and enjoy the Craftshow! :)
Thanks for reading! Have a Great day!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Until Next Year D-Con

WOW! What a Great Dragon Con! My best year ever. :)
Of all the Dragons and animal pals, I only went home with one, just one little lonely guy...don't worry, I gave him a kiss so he would feel loved LOL :P Guess I will have to get to work on new ones real soon :) 

I got to meet so many amazing people and got to see my awesome pals from previous years too. Thank you all so much for coming by to see me and my little friends. Everyone was so nice and positive and just made the 4 days so awesome!
BIG WELCOME to all the new Mystic Reflection followers! :D
And super special Thanks to my dear friends and family who I would never be able to survive this huge busy show without their help.   

Looking forward to next year.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Wow! This month went by so fast, I feel like I just started working on my pieces for the Dragon Con Art Show and BAM Dragon Con is this FRIDAY!!!! Super excited to see all my artist friends again and all the fun, wacky, crazy, nerdy people that attend D-Con, present company not excluded :D
I have some pieces that are debuting this year that I am so very excited about, my Framed Sculptures.
White as Snow , Beast's beauty , Lady D'Muertos They will be hanging in my Auction Gallery at the Art show and I can't wait to see what people think of them.
Also I will have my Steampunk Pocket Watch Myxies available at my booth. Carry a Myxie in your pocket and have good luck wherever you go.
As always I will have all my Steampunk Dragons and animals, patiently waiting for someone to take them home :)

I have been frantically working to get enough of these guys done for the show, I don't have as many as last year so make sure to get to my booth early before they are all gone.
I wasn't able to get all the Steampunk animals that I wanted done but I hope to be able to make a few more after the show, before the Holidays.

Looking forward to meeting all you lovely people, so make sure to stop by and say Hello to my Myxies and Pals!
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Do You Have the Time?

Last year I did two Steampunk Myxie pocket watches. Trapped Myxie & Beyond the gears 
Having a small Myxie trapped in your pocket watch isn't the best way to keep time but it isn't too bad a way to travel. Keeping a Myxie close by will bring you luck wherever you go, and what a better way to keep them close than safely tucked in your pocket. :)
I really enjoyed making last year's and wanted to do some more.  These little guys will be making their debut at Dragoncon this Labor Day, (any that are left after the show will be available on my Etsy store.)  I hope you like my little time pieces and I really hope to see you at Dragoncon.  :)

This little one seems to have gotten stuck.

I even made a few sassy ones this time. :P

And beware the dreaded Clocktopus, he's escaping!

I found this little locket and decided to do something a little different with it.  

When you open it up, you'll see one of the Sandman's helpers.  If you can't get to sleep, just open the locket, wake up the sleepy Myxie inside and he will bless you with a good night's rest.  

I have a few more pocket watches that will be available at my booth at the Dragon Con Art Show, look forward to seeing you all there! 
As always keep checking my blog and Facebook for all my latest creations.  
Thanks for reading!


Monday, August 4, 2014


My talented husband/author is having another book signing for his Winston and Baum series
He will be selling and signing copies at the Hiram Book Store. Where you can pick up both of the books in his Winston and Baum Steampunk Adventure series.

So stop on by and support a local author and check out the Hiram Book Store, it’ll be fun :)
Hope you can all join us
Friday August 8th from 5pm-8pm
The Hiram Bookstore
5077 Jimmy Lee Smith Pkwy, suite 109

Hiram, GA 30141

Can’t make it to the Book signing? You can get Winston and Baum online.  
Also check out Seth’s other books and short stories at his website  

Thank you for reading!


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Dia de los Muertos Sculpture

So I've finished working on my next Framed Sculpture. Though I super enjoy the fairy tale themed pieces, I got a fun idea for the next one that isn't fairy tale based.
I have become fascinated with the Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead face paint. I think it is just beautiful! So this was the bases for my latest framed sculpture.
As with my other framed sculptures. I started by sculpting the accessories and the back drop on the frame. I also painted the frame, I thought an aged white would go nicely with the light purple and pink roses.

After that, I sculpted the main part, the beautiful Lady D'Muertos. Her face paint was incredibly fun to experiment with. I first tried out different designs on paper, then penciled them on her face and painted over it.

Then I was ready to add her hair and attach her to the frame. Now she is ready to give a Mexican Holiday flare to the Dragon Con Art Show, where she will be on Display in the Gallery.

Thanks so much for reading everyone! Keep checking my blog and Facebook page for updates on my latest pieces.