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Mystic Reflections' Creations

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Hear Those Sleigh Bells Ring-a-Ling?

Good Morning Friends,
The Holiday Season is fast approaching and if you are anything like me you want to get an early start so you can make sure to get everyone taken care of before the crazy last minute rush…Of course that is never how it happens for me…just like last year I’ll be pushing and shoving old ladies in the electronics isle to get the last i-phone 3 seconds before Christmas eve. But it just wouldn’t be the Holidays without a little violence :P
But for those of you who would like to avoid people like me around this time of year and order your gifts off line (the safe way to shop) I have all kinds of cute gifts in my caf├ępress store. T-Shirts, Coffee Cups, Baby Clothes, just about everything. Also adorable Christmas Cards for those of you who still have friends and Families that read real paper letters in the mail…Yeah not e-cards sent on the computer but REAL paper…I know it’s weird.

Please Check out my shop for your Holiday ideas

Thanks for looking and Happy Shopping.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Prints on Etsy

Good Day Friends!
I’m excited to say that I have started adding prints to my Etsy Store! Until this weekend I have only had my sculptures for sale online but I have begun adding my Drawings as well.
I sketch my drawings using pencil/pen/ink and then scan my drawing into Photoshop to continue the detail work and coloring. I only have a few up so far but I am adding more everyday so Please Check out the below link for the Prints :)

Drawing is a hobby I really enjoy and have done since I was very young. I hope you enjoy my artwork as much as I enjoy making it. Please feel free to check out my other creations on my website:

Thanks for looking!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hassle Free Art

Hello Friends!
I have been working on a painting for the past few days and WHOOT I finished it! I extremely enjoyed painting this one because it was what I like to call a “hassle free” painting. I just grabbed a brush and a canvas and started adding color. I am someone who begins a picture by first deciding what I want to do, then drawing a rough draft, then expanding on the rough draft, then revising it and Then FINALLY inking it before painting or adding color. With this painting I skipped all my normal steps and just got right to it. I had no idea where I was going with it or what the outcome would be and I tell ya …it was invigorating. Yes I find spontaneous painting to be very exciting…I’m a simple kinda girl. But it turned out really good… surprisingly.
Anyhoo I’ve posted the it along with a few pictures of the process I took to get it there. With this one instead of painting the characters first as I usually do, I started with the background then added on top of that. I had to wait for each layer to dry before adding the next…I used oil so it took a while to dry so next time I think I’ll try watercolor.
So here it is, Let me know what you think.

Thanks for looking, I’ve started on a few other projects so keep checking my blog for updates.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ball Jointed Art Dolls

Greetings Art Fans!

I’d like to introduced you to an art fad that has been growing rapidly the pass years. Ball Jointed Art Dolls! These dolls are articulated with ball and socket joints and cast in polyurethane resin (a hard, dense plastic) and the parts are strung together with a think elastic…so they are kinda like G-I-Joes. These Dolls are made easy to customize, by painting their face, changing the eyes and hair and clothes. And these aren’t just for kids…in fact the majority of people that adore these dolls are adults…and who could blame them, you never grow out of wanting to play with dolls :)
A friend just recently sent me to a blog filled with exciting customized Dolls. Each one is unique and the detail is incredible. I really enjoyed scrolling through this Blog “OtherSide”, I don’t have the resources right now for such delicate dolls but the creative face makeup inspires me, so you may be seeing some interesting sculptures by me soon!

Check out the “OtherSide” Blogspot

Happy Arting!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Odd in a Good Way

Hello All!
I just wanted to share with you all that my Myxies were featured in a delightful little blog where they love to “Spread the Odd Love” Please check it out and don’t forget to leave a comment.

Thanks for looking :)

Have a great day,