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Mystic Reflections' Creations

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Dragon Con has Come and Gone

Another Dragon Con is over. Had a great show; almost all of my little Steampunk and Fantasy animal pals found new homes. I got a huge response over my newest gallery pieces, several of my large sculptures sold. Got to meet so many interesting people and hang out with my Con Buddies. A Big Thank you to everyone that came by my booth!
Dragon Con was alot of fun, I can't wait to see everyone next year.
Taking a small break from sculpting but only for a a week or two so don't worry, I will be back to work soon. :)
I'm still updating my Etsy store with the pieces that were left after the Convention and my newest Prints but I should have all my available pieces listed no later than tomorrow.
Until next time DragonCon!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Here Comes Dragon Con!

Three months of sculpting my little fingers to the bones is coming to an end, but my work is not over yet. Now comes four crazy days of long nights, early mornings and Sci-fi and Fantasy Geekdom as far as the eye can see. Ladies and CON!!!
I never seem completely ready for this weekend, it comes up so fast, leaving me with a to-do list only a quarter way finished. BUT alas there is no stopping it, so me and my little creations step into the Artshow ready for the on coming Fandom Storm. It's not all work and no play though, looking forward to seeing all the awesome costumes, re-connecting with Con-buddies, the fun parties and convention swag, Oh yes the swag. :D But enough about the craziness of the show, you wanna know what Mystic Reflections is gonna have for you this year, right?!
I got another small army of cuteness for ya. These little darlings will be available for you at my vending table.
Steampunk Animal Pals
Sweet little Dragon Pals 

Cthulhus or Cutethulhus as I call them. :)
Pocket Watches. 

I will also have several books available at my table, my Henna Dreamers Coloring Book, The Adventures of Mend children's book and my hubby's novels, including everyone's favorite Steampunk Adventure series, Winston and Baum books 1-4.
Adult Coloring book, Henna Dreamers

Winston and Baum novels and my cute hubby. :)

Childern's book I illustrated in 2014. 
I will also have pieces for auction as always. Here is just a few of the newer pieces that will be available at the show.

Check out my previous blogs for step by step on making these sculptures. 
Alrighty, unless I am forgetting something that'll do it for the exciting pieces I will have with me at the convention. Wanna know how to find me at the show, my little pals and I will be at the Hyatt Hotel in Atlanta GA September 1st - 4th.
Hyatt hotel map of the Dragon Con Artshow
Still packing and tagging all of my little creations so I'll get back to it and I hope to see you all at Dragon Con this weekend! And The Adventure Begins Again!!! :D
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Step by Step making a Robin's Egg Fairy.

In this Blog I will walk you though my process of my latest Dragon Con Art show Gallery piece, Robin's Egg Framed Sculpture. 

For those of you that read my blog regularly you may notice that my process changes slightly with each piece, well that is because there are so many different ways to get to the piece that you want, why use just one? LOL But for those of you looking to perfect your own technique I hope each of my blogs can help you find your own process.
With this piece I start off by forming a craft wire skeleton for my sculpture. Then I start sculpting the polymer clay torso from the shoulders to the knees around the wire. I prefer Premo Sculpey brand Polymer clay for my pieces. 

As soon as I have it the way I want, I bake that part. I have to know what position I want my piece in ahead of time because once I bake that section, I can't change it. 
Then I sculpt the upper arms and fill out the torso and bake again. 

I usually sculpt the head and face next. The face is usually the most difficult part because you want to get it just right so the personality of your creation shows through. Eyes are first and then the nose and mouth. This fairy was going to be sleeping so her eyes are closed. :)

Then I attached the head to the wire frame. On this one I moved on to her feet and hands next. Here is a blog where I explain my foot and hand making process. But also here's a little collage to show you the angles of this fairy's foot.
Funny tidbit, I posted this photo on my social media sites
 and some people thought it was a real foot, not a polymer clay one.
I took it as a compliment.
I attach her legs and hands, smoothing out the creases in the joints. You want the elbows and knees to look right or it will effect the realism of the legs and arms.

I add her arms and sculpt her neck last and now my piece is completely sculpted. Bake and she is ready for the next step.

Time to paint the details to my little fairy. Since she is a Robin's Egg fairy, I thought it would be nice to give her some hints of blue to her skin and small brown speckles.

And whats a fairy without her wings? Over the years I have used many different methods and many different materials to make wings but I tried out a new technique that is by far my favorite. I apologize for not having many photos to help with this process but I will try and explain it in detail. I started with drawing the wing outline on a piece of clear plastic. Then I trace the outline with fabric glue, use any color you like. Add color to your wings by painting or brushing them with shimmery powder. Then each section of the wing is filled with Mod podge (you can find this at any art supply store).Repeat this process on both sides. Then cut the wing pieces out.
This wing is not the wing I used on this particular sculpture,
just using it for reference. 

I then glue craft wire to the ends to make it easier to attach the wings to the sculpture. I curled the ends of the wire just because I think it is more aesthetically pleasing. :) Feathers added to the base is the finishing touch.
Now she is ready for some clothes and fun hair. For her outfit I used small strips of feathers to fashion a small shirt and skirt. Some blue and brown doll hair, combined with a few more feathers, (she is a "Robin's Egg Fairy" after all) and her look is complete.

Now that our little fairy is done, she needs some where cozy to rest her head. How about a nest that you can hang on your wall? YES? Okay. :D 
By sculpting polymer clay tightly over craft wire, inside the hand painted circle frame, I was able to make tiny twigs to tangle together. Weaving the long coils of clay around each other gave the look of a bird's nest. Moss and some leaves finishes the look. 

Can't forget the tiny eggs, just rolled up blue clay and speckled with brown paint.
Now attach your fairy to her nest. Doesn't she look so cozy all curled up with the little eggs?

This lovely piece will have her debut at this up coming Dragon Con Art Show
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed watching my Robin's Egg Fairy come to life. 
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Monday, July 24, 2017

How to Make your Forest Dragon

Working on my second framed Dragon. My first Dragon was "Kuu" the Moon Dragon. Had so much fun creating him, I thought I would do another one for the Dragon Con Art Show this year. But I couldn't just do the same type of Dragon, I wanted something new and challenging. How about a Forest/Tree Dragon, it was certainly challenging enough for me.
I started by sculpting a general shape out of polymer clay. This sculpture will be framed so I only need to make the head, neck and shoulders. I wanted the piece to look more like the Dragon was poking his head through a window and not like a mounted head.
Glass bead eyes are placed into the head and details are sculpted into the clay. The sculpture is starting to look more like a dragon now. Using a pointed tool and a rubber tipped tool, I give my dragon a mouth where I can place his small teeth and then sculpt some nostrils.

I know I want this dragon's body to be covered in leaf like scales so I begin with the background, where I want his body to appear to be coming from. I make some polymer clay canes (a rod of polymer clay consisting of two or more colors that form an image). I cut pieces from the canes and form each piece into a leaf shape.
Next I make a clay back on my frame and then start laying the leaves one at a time. This is a time consuming process that will cover my entire sculpture.

The dragon is attached to the frame back with craft wire and liquid Sculpey, a useful materiel for any sculptor. It works like glue you can bake.

I didn't want my forest dragon to just be green leaves, he needed a bit of contrast. So I started working on little roots that would go in and out along his neck and eventually sprout out the top of the dragons head like a tree top.
After the roots were all sculpted, I began incorporating each one into the leaves and along his neck. I even added a few to his throat and under his chin.
The roots in place, I started on the chest scale leaves of my piece. I made these leaves a bit lighter in color and much larger.

Before I got too far, I took a moment to start adding the branches to my dragon's head.

I wanted his crown of branches to look a specific way, so I took my time placing each one and rearranging them to get the right look.

Once the head pieces were where I wanted, I resumed adding the leaf scales until I had the neck completely covered.
Time to work on the face of my sculpture. The cheek and mouth scales needed to be much smaller than any I had done previously so not to overwhelm the facial features.

My Forest Dragon just needed some paint on himself and his frame to make him complete.

Here he stands in all his glory..or hangs on your wall in all his glory.
I hope you enjoyed this step by step blog, this piece will be available at the Dragon Con Art Show in September. :)

Thanks for reading.