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Mystic Reflections' Creations

Mystic Reflections' Creations

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  • May 26th-28th 2017 - MobiCon, Mobile AL
  • Feb. 24th-26th 2017- ConNooga, Chattanooga TN
  • Nov. 12th 2016 - 6-8pm Coloring Party - Rev Coffee Smyrna GA
  • Nov. 12th-13th 2016 - Christmas at Lithia Springs high School, Lithia Springs GA
  • Sep. 2nd-5th 2016 - DragonCon, Atlanta GA

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Winston and Baum's 4th book Cover!

My talented hubby has been writing an awesome adventure filled steampunk series for the past several years, Winston and Baum. These fun books follow Winston and Baum, two partners that specialize in the extermination of pesky supernatural trouble makers.  I have had the honor ...and frustration of illustrating each of his covers for him. 
the first Book of the series. 

the second book. 

the third book.
It is an honor to be a part of such an entertaining extension of my husband's mind. Being able to bring form to characters that he created has been amazing. However, I specialize in cute animals or girl's so when my husband asked me to draw some men with guns...needless to say it was a bit out of my comfort zone. It has been frustrating to work on each of his covers but probably none so much as this last one. Over four weeks of sketching and re-sketching to get Winston and Baum to look right on the page.
rough sketch (erased and re-drawn about 4 times)

inking the sketch now
I knew the look and position that I wanted to portray but my pencil didn't seem to want to cooperate ...yes it was the pencil that was the issue I'm almost sure of it. :P  And don't even get me started on the coloring issues...there is ALWAYS coloring issues.
Colored in PhotoShop...this program knows what I want it to do but it never listens. :P
But here I am, still in one piece and the fourth Winston and Baum cover is looking pretty awesome if I do say so myself. :D 
Here it is, Winston and Baum and the Trials of the Baba Yaga. 
The 4th book is available for pre-order on the kindle and should be available in paperback very soon. Get all his Novels and short stories on Amazon via his website.
So very proud of my hubby. Love you Seth! :)

Thanks for reading! 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Making Endora the wild Forest Myxie

This curious creature is a wild little Forest Myxie. She spends her days hiding in the trees and playing small pranks on unsuspecting travelers that might pass her way. Try to catch her if you can but her free spirit can never be tamed. 
I held a fun contest last week to find a name for this sweet little Myxie. I got such a great response and she received a fun new name Endora.
Thank you everyone that participated in our Naming Contest.
So now I bet you are wondering how she was made? You know you are. :D
Using polymer clay, I started with her head. The face is usually the most difficult part because you want to get it just right so the personality of your creation shows through. Eyes are first and then the nose and mouth.

 Next I sculpt her torso, upper arms and legs. Her hands and feet are sculpted separate and added at the mid way point during baking. Then her head is attached and her neck is added and baked.

Step by Step collage on sculpting a foot.
Step by Step Collage on sculpting a hand. 
After she is completely sculpted, details are painted on her face, body, hands and feet. 

For her wings I used skeleton leaves that I glued together and cut into the desired shape. The wings were attached to craft wire and then glitter and feathers were added. 
Now she is ready for some clothes and fun hair. For her outfit I used small strips of fabric to fashion a small shirt and skirt. Some reddish yarn/doll hair, combed out, makes for a lovely wild look. 

Endora is all finished and ready to frolic in the trees. :)
This sweet Myxie is available on my Etsy store. 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed watching Endora come to life. 
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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

See you next year ConNooga!

  ConNooga, another great show. As always I got to meet so many interesting people and hang with some con buddies. I participated in my very 1st panel on Saturday with the ConNooga featured artists of the previous years. I was the only female artist out of ten, so needless to say I felt special. :) Also my art work was all over the Con, helping attendees find their way around. It was super exciting to see all the banners.

My art is the awesome one with the dragon :D

Always make sure to ask before you touch :P
Thank you everyone that stopped by and Welcome to all the new Mystic Reflections Followers! Can't wait to see you again next year ConNooga!
I will be posting any of my little guys I have left on my Etsy store soon. :)
Thanks for reading!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Have a Holly Jolly Myxie! :D

Today I'm going to tell you about my 4th annual Christmas Myxie(mystic pixie) Ornament, I just do one of these pieces a year but I really enjoy working on them.
In this Blog I will walk you though my process of my latest Christmas Myxie Ornament, Holly berry. 

I usually start off by forming a wire frame, sort of like a skeleton for a sculpture. Then I start sculpting the torso from the shoulders to the knees around the wire. As soon as I have it the way I want, I bake that part. I have to know what position I want my piece in ahead of time because once I bake that section, I can't change it. 
Then I sculpt the legs from the knee down, feet and arms to the elbow, these are then added to the baked torso. 

 I usually sculpt the head and face next. After that is baked, I attached the head to the wire frame. The last part to be sculpted is the neck, forearms and hands.
Here's a fun collage I put together to show my hand sculpting process.
 My Myxies have 4 fingers on each hand. :)
Now my piece is completely sculpted, time to paint the details to my Holly Myxie. 
 And paint her shoes and add her under garments

Lets give this little one some clothes.
 I hand sew each tiny garment. Hand crafting her sweet little gloves and stockings, making a perfect addition to her outfit. Ribbon trim and jingle bells add a nice touch to her skirt. 
After making her a nice top to match her bottom, I give this bald little darling some hair. 
I had initially planned to make this Myxie a blond but she decided she wanted to be a redhead. I can't argue with a Myxie that knows what she wants :)  
Now she is ready for her holly wings, I specially handcraft them for her. ALL DONE! The 4th annual Christmas Myxie ornament is complete and looking festive.

 This beautiful piece sold right away, these pieces never go very long before finding a nice new home, but don't worry, I make one each year. Just follow my Facebook page and Instagram to get updates and progress photos as I make new pieces.
Check out my Etsy store for my available sculptures.

Thanks for reading! And Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 7, 2016


Heads up, I will be at Christmas in Lithia, Lithia Springs GA High School Craft show this weekend. I will not have my little sculptures with me, (they are still resting up from the DCon excitement LOL) But I will have my prints, The Adventure's of Mend children's book and my COLORING BOOK HennaDreamers available at my booth. I will be sharing the booth with my sister, her lovely patchwork items will be there. Some beautiful handcrafted purses, bags, holiday gifts and quilts for purchase. I will also have my husband's books with me, Winston and Baum SteampunkAdventure series. So make sure you come by to see us. :)
And that is not all.
My husband will be at C1 ComiCon in Ringgold GA on Saturday from 10am-5pm, He will have his books available along with some of my prints, children's books and my Coloring Book.
Not done yet :D...I am super busy this weekend :P
I am having a book release/coloring party at Rev Coffee in Smyrna GA from 6-8pm on Saturday. Come by and get your Coloring Book (if supplies last I will have some)and then stay to drink coffee and color for a fun a relaxing evening.
Will keep you posted this week about these events on my social media sites.

Plenty of fun things to do and lots of places to find my work this weekend, OH BOY! :D

Thanks for reading!

Friday, November 4, 2016


I have been working on something for the past few weeks and I am finally finished, so I can now tell you all about it and I hope you will be as excited as I am. :)
I have recently gotten inspired by the art of Henna(the body staining/temporary tattoo artform). I found it very soothing to sit and doodle the designs after a long day. Before I knew it, I had several illustrations finished and thought, These would be fun to color. So guess what I did, I MADE A COLORING BOOK YAY!!! The book is filled with fun Henna designs and lovely ladies to help relieve stress as you add color to each page.
The coloring book is currently at the printers and I'm hoping to have it available on my Etsy store and at any shows I am attending by the 2nd weekend of November. My next show will be at Lithia Springs Christmas Craftshow in GA Nov. 12th and 13th so come on by and get your copy. Can't wait that long? You don't have to, you can get my coloring book on right now! It has just become available today OH BOY!
 Cover Photo

 Back Cover
Here's a look at the kind of designs you will find in my Coloring Book.  

I am so very happy with how this project came out and I hope it will be relaxing and a fun way for the mature colorists to express themselves.
Thanks for reading everyone! Happy Coloring! :)

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Pretty as a Peacock

So it has taken me a little while to recover after the hectic craziness that is Dragon Con, but I have finally got back to sculpting. I had a few requests for commission pieces at the beginning of October that I had to work on but with those done one of the first new pieces on my list was a Steampunk Peacock. Oooooooo :)
As always I start with the general shape of the bird, hand sculpting it out of polymer clay. Then I made some polymer clay canes for the feathers. A cane is comprised of two or more colors that you stretch and press together to make a rod that can then be cut to make several polymer clay "stickers" if you will, to be added to your sculpture.
The large tail feathers were canes that I press together and then stretched out to make a teardrop shape. 

After my canes were finished I flushed out more details on the face and body of my peacock.
I made some legs and feet for my sculpture and then started to add the small cane feathers. I placed each of them one at a time, smoothing the tip after it was placed. The end result was a fun array of black/white and green/yellow feathers covering my peacocks back.

Metal jewelry pieces were then carefully cut to the desired shape and added to the piece. Thus the Steampunk Peacock was finished and ready to brighten up anyone's home. :)

I hope you enjoyed and learned alot from my blog. This beautiful piece is available on my Etsy store, but there is only one so make sure to check it out. :)
Thanks for reading!