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Monday, December 29, 2008

This year I'm going to mark it off my list!

Hello People,

Goodness I have so much I'm planning to do in 2009. I have a list bigger than the one I had for Christmas…hard to imagine, I know.
This year I want to get a jump start on my business. I want to take it to a new level and to do that I need to start putting more effort into getting my art noticed. So first step, I'm going to increase my inventory. I have had a pile of art I'm "working on" for the past couple of months and have just been putting it off for the Holidays but now they are almost over, so NO MORE EXCUSES! I gotta get on that!
Also I need to broaden my advertizing. My plan (and I'm only sharing this with you all because I know I can trust you, we're like Family…that only talk though blogging) is to get my work in more locations so it has a better chance of people finding it. I'm going to try to get my art in retail stores and more online stores like Etsy. So you can go by my stuff at da Wal-Mart. :P
Last year I worked a few art Shows but this year I'm going to do more. I have at least one scheduled every month this year, man am I going to be tired, but I believe it will be worth it. And for all my fans out there never you fear, I will keep you posted on the times and dates so you can be sure to mark your calendars :)
Art contests are another thing I am going to be trying this year. Entering my work in contests is a great way to get my stuff noticed and to meet people. Plus the chance of winning prizes is always a good thing.
And then there's all the other little things I'm going to be doing that I won't bore you with. But with a little luck and a lot of determination 2009 will be a Splendiferous year for Mystic Reflections. I can't wait to get started........ *whimper*

Happy New Year Everyone!

Friday, December 19, 2008

AAAway in a Planter's Can

Oh boy it’s that wonderful time of year when family and friends come together to celebrate the day of a very special birth…no it’s not MY birthday…good guess though. :D It’s Christmas! Time to put out the lights and the garland…just like Jesus would want…and who wouldn’t, Lights and Garland are GREAT! But to make your decorations complete you must put out the Nativity scene. What do you mean you don’t have one, and you can’t buy one cause you spent the last of your money on a Beer hat for uncle Fred? Well never you fear, we can make one.
This is actually something my older sister did for the family one year, she was creative like that…and a little strange :P
Nativity Scene Peanuts Style! All you need are a few peanuts still in their shells, an assortment of colored fabric, popsicle sticks, tooth picks, poster board, glue and markers.
First we start buy making the people, take a peanut and draw a face on one side with the markers. Next cut out clothes from the fabric. Small squares should do it, peanuts don’t have much to cover up. Glue the clothes on the shells and use your imagination to make them look like the Wise men, Mary and Jesus etc. Next cut out small ovals in the poster board, glue two of them to the bottom of each peanut, this will help your peanut people stand.
Once you have your people the way you want, it’s time for the manger. Take a popsicle stick and cut it in half. Lay the halves side by side and glue the touching sides together. Repeat this with two other sticks. After the glue is dry, make a v shape with two popsicle sticks using the third as a base. Glue all that mess together and fill it with tooth picks to act as hay. Then you just lay your baby Jesus Peanut in the manger and you have a adorable little nativity scene that even Planters can enjoy :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Myxies Roasting on an open fire....AHHHHH

Hello Friends!

No I didn't burn another scuplture asunder, I just wanted to let you all know I've got some HOT New Myxies on Etsy.
Check them out!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Clean your plate, then make stuff out of it.

Hey Pilgrims,

This year to spice up my dinner table for Thanksgiving, I have decided to make a cornucopia, a horn of plenty or harvest cone, whichever you want to call it. The cornucopia is a symbol of abundance or lots of food which is what I plan on eating this Thursday…YUM. But before I shove all that food into my mouth let's say I use my creativity first and make my home festive. To make a splendiferous cornucopia that any pilgrim would be proud of, here is what I will need.
A paper plate, masking tape, brown ribbon, an assortment of construction paper.
Roll a paper plate into a cone, securing it with masking tape. Bend the end of the cone slightly to curve it, then wrap the cone with more tape to create a smooth surface, leaving the hole at the tip untaped. As you will see it already looks like a horn. Next stick one end of the ribbon in the small hole in the tip and glue it in place. Add a line of glue down the length of the cone then wrap the ribbon around it. When you are finished it should look like an empty cornucopia or a big mess but in that case just throw it in the garbage and buy one that somebody else made.
Next cut different size leaf shapes out of the paper and glue them around the opening of the horn.
Now your horn of plenty is complete, I will be filling mine with plastic fruit but anything can go in yours, real fruit, candy, flowers, use your imagination to create the perfect center piece for your Thanksgiving dinner. Now bring on the Food!

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pretty Pretty Pictures

Hey you guys!
Just wanted to let you know, that I have put some of my most recent drawings up on my myspace page ( in the New Art Album in my pictures.
So check em out, ENJOY!
Have a nice week!
~Caralyn :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

M-Y-X-I-E and Myxie was it's name-O

Hey-loo Everybuddy!

I just wanted to let you all know that I have new sculptures on my Etsy store. Including my newest additions, Myxie Goblins or Myxlins as I like to call them. So check them out.

Have a great day!~Caralyn

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's a Scary Thing...

So I’ve been talking a lot to my sister, who also doubles as my manager for Mystic Reflections, about a few ideas for the future of my business. We had the idea to turn my art into a business about 4 years ago but really only started working hard toward the goal this past year and a half. It was really scary at first. I was constantly afraid I would fail horribly and no one would like my work, we didn’t give up though. Now after almost 2 years of selling my work we feel confident to take our business to the next level. But there are a few obstacles in our way.
As it stands right now I currently have a day job that sucks up the majority of my day and I work on my art in the late afternoons or on weekends. Honestly I find myself searching for more time and constantly thinking of how much more I could get done if I didn’t have a day job. I could work on all my little projects I keep saying I should do but never get around to them because I have a 9-5.
So that is the question, do I quit and have more time to see if I can make a living just as well with my art, or do I stay and never really find out? I live on my own so I have to consider how my decision will affect me being able to pay my bills. Those Leasers really get touchy about that Rent, they don’t take I.O.Us either. Also with the job market the way it is right now, leaving your job with no guarantee you will find another is a scary thing.
I have read some articles on what other people have done and most of them just went for it. Perhaps that is what I need to do, just give it a go and see what happens.

Wish me luck.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Craft Show in Lithia Springs This Weekend!

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to let you know, I will be doing a craft show at Lithia Springs High School on Nov. 8th and 9th. I will have all new Holiday Myxies, so be sure to stop by.

Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

People are talking about me...but in a good way :)

Hello Everyone!

I have been featured in a few Artist Blogs. One is about polymer clay artists and the other is about fantasy doll art. Check them out...

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Halloween

Hello My Friends

It is just about that time again, Halloween! The only time when it is acceptable to take candy from strangers. In fact it’s expected. All you have to do is wear a towel around your neck and your undies out side of your pants…don’t tell me I’m the only one who does that…and they give you candy. Any other day of the week they would call the police for that kind of display. But not on October 31st, ain’t Halloween grand. So to honor this wonderful holiday get yourself in the spirit by dressing the way your mother never let you.
What’s that? Gas has taken all your money you say, you can’t afford a costume that makes you look like a crazy person? Well never fear, looking like a psychopath isn’t just for the rich now days. You can find a costume using stuff from around your house. There is the traditional towel around your neck that we covered but if you are looking for something a little more creative here’s an idea.
Get a regular baseball cap, spray paint it green, unless you have a green ball cap…I don’t know of anyone who does.
Take different color construction paper. Cut out ears on the green, sharp teeth on the white, a tongue out of the red, and if you have googily eyes use them but if not use the construction paper. Then paste the ears and eyes to the top of the cap and paste the teeth and tongue to the bottom of the bill. Be creative as to how you want to decorate it, with spots or glitter, etc. Combine the cap with a green shirt and presto, you’re a dragon! Okay so I know it’s a campy cheap costume but you’re the one who spent all you money on Gas. Besides with a little creativity you can make it a great, despite cheap, costume and then be on your way to getting a tummy ache from eating more candy then your stomach can handle...that’s the American way :)

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Back from D-Con and Boy am I D-Tired.

Dragon Con was great!
Despite being a busy, BUSY little beaver, I had a lot of fun. People from all over attended the art show, it was packed most of the weekend. I did fairly well and I received a lot of positive feedback from all who stopped at my booth. I had the opportunity to meet all kinds of people, including Todd McCaffrey the son of Anne McCaffrey the science fiction novelist best known for her Dragon rides of Pern series. I also had the great pleasure of meeting Willy Whitten, he is the talented artists that worked on the films Aliens, Terminator, The Thing, Invaders from Mars…just to name a few. By far the coolest conversation of my life. He gave me his email address and you better believe I am going to be bugging him with my emails. He will have to change his email address to get rid of me.
It was also a wonderful experience being able to meet some of the artists that had booths at the art show. They are all very talented interesting people and they were kind enough to share some of their techniques and advise with me. It helped me come up with all kinds of neat ideas so look out world
I also appreciate all of you that came to see me this weekend, it is always nice to get your support. Over all it was an inspiring and educational experience and I look forward to it next year.

Talk to you later D-udes,

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

OMG Dragon Con is Coming for Me!

Hello my little darlings!
It is crunch time people, only 2 more days until Dragon Con. Fortunately I'm not worried…okay I lied, I am a little worried but that always happens to me before a big show like this. And being that this is my first time having a booth at Dragon Con, I will say there are a few butterflies squirming around in my tummy…don't know how those little suckers got in there.
I am pretty much all set and ready to go, I have a few finial pictures I am matting tonight and then I should be all done. It has been a long, tiring month but it's all going to be worth it at the show.
Please everyone come by and see me while you are there so I don't get lonely. I will be in the art gallery and I'll be the one covered in Myxies, can't miss me. :)
Unfortunately I won't have a computer with me this weekend so I won't be able to answer any messages but you can leave them for me anyway so when I get back I feel like I have lots of friends :D
Well, see all you geeks and nerds and Trekkies this weekend.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A place for my Myxies

Only sixteen more days until Dragon Con and I still have so much to do.
The project I am presently working on is MYXIE LAND! The second happiest place on earth :)
It’s a stand for my Myxies. Before, now my little creations were homeless, sitting on a cold table at each show waiting for that special someone to come along and give them a home *sniff sniff* but not anymore. Now they will have a happy little shelter, a place to rump and play while they wait for their new family to adopt them.
It’s a beautiful dream come true.

I started with craft foam. Craft foam is that stuff usually used for silk floral arrangements, but I’m using it for the base of the stand. It is light, Thank goodness, I have enough to haul to shows without adding a 20lb Myxie habitat. Also craft foam is not difficult to shape, so carving hills into it a breeze.
Covering the foam in a green felt creates a nice illusion of grass and topping that with craft moss and flowers completes the naturalistic effect.

The last part is going to be a large tree that will enable me to have a place for my hanging/flying Myxies. The tree I am using was actually old decorations I purchased after Christmas. YAH DISCOUNTS! It isn’t quite the right shape, unfortunately so I will need to shave off a few limbs and crop the base until it's right.

Well, all this is going to take some time so instead of jack-jawing with you fine folks, I’m going to get back to work.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Preparing for Dragon Con

Getting ready for Dragon Con would’ve been so much easier if the organizers had let me know a bit sooner…but I can’t complain because at least I got in, right.

So now, on my agenda for the art show:
First, making more myxies. I have several ideas for some I think will be really neat but unfortunately I only have time for a few…Alas. *PANS* I am making two pans, these will be my first try at sculpting pans and I’m excited to see how they turn out…so far so good. Also I have now made Myxie wind chimes I call them Mynd Chimes …just kidding. Then I need to make about seven more regular Myxies, and about a zillion more Myxie pals, and that’s going to take awhile. The process is going slow but undoubtedly worth every minute.

Next on the agenda, inventory organization. At past shows I just had a box with my art in it, the customer would ask for a print and I would fumble though the box until I found the right picture. Well that’s not going to cut it anymore, I’m playing with the big boys now. I have to get my stuff straight for the D-Con… Plus it will just make it SO much easier to find prints for customers if my art is all accounted for and organized.

Then comes ordering more supplies (bags, business cards, mats, etc..) this is not my forte, I prefer doing just the fun stuff, my art. But these things are essential to running a business. Fortunately I have family and friends that help me with that side of things.

And with a multitude of other galling little tasks to fulfill, I am a busy little beaver. But I am excited about Dragon Con so I promise not to stress over it too much.

I don’t know about you but I’m tired now.

Thanks for listening,

Monday, August 4, 2008


Holy Hot pockets Batman! I just now this very second received a call from the Dragon Con Organizers, and guess what…No, I didn't win the best costume contest, I GOT IN TO THE ART SHOW WHOOT! The guy told me I got the last booth. How cool is that…of course he could just tell everyone that but who cares, cause I got in. So, yes my little darlings, I will be at D-Con Aug. 29th though Sep 1st in the art gallery, so why don't you stop on by and say Hi.

See all you fellow art lovers there.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Thumbs hurt so Bad!

In my short time as a Myxie creator I have discovered a few things, such as if you leave a sculpture in the oven for over three hours, it turns into charcoal, also I've learned a little about which clays work best. I have chatted with a few fellow artists that told me about Sculpey. This is great polymer clay for someone with a light touch, Sculpey is extremely easy to mold. But for someone like me with led fingers, I found this clay usually left me with odd looking Myxies. Discovering a polymer clay called Premo helped me solve my problem. It is firmer and takes slightly more effort to mold, making it the ideal clay for making my sculptures as detailed as I desire. Like Sculpey, Premo comes in various colors. But for reasons unbeknownst to me, different colors can be easier to mold then others, thus sticking me in the same predicament as I was in with the sculpey. After trying a variety of different Premo colors I settled on one that was the perfect firmness for my creations, Premo Beige. Unfortunately using only the one color makes it difficult to have different skin colors. Since I didn't want my Myxies to be identical, same skin colors caused a problem. But with having so many options of colored clay to choose from, it wasn't a problem for long. By mixing a small piece of another color I found I could keep the firmness of the Beige while being able to have an array of different skin colors. A small piece of white for lighter skins, a piece of tan for darker etc. Which brings me to the reason for this blog. All that mixing and kneading leaves my thumbs raw and blistered. It's not unlike how they felt after hours of playing Final Fantasy 8 with my brother. They look like I was using them to stir a hot cup of coffee. But alas, the Art must go on, so until I found a better way of mixing the clay I will continue to have blistahs on me fingahs. But enough complaining from me.
Have a great day

Friday, July 4, 2008

Dragon Con Art Show Update

I just heard back from the Dragon Con Jury…And Guess What…Drum roll please…..I got in! Whoot!
Whoo I was so excited to get that news Dun de dumdum Dobedo do do That's me singing the happy time victory song.....
SCCCRRRREEEEEEECCHHHHH and that's my happy fun time screeching to a halt because unfortunately even though I passed the jury, Dragon Con had too many applicants this year and had to cut a few and I was one of the ones cut :(....
It's not all bad though because now that I've passed I will be able to pass every year so my plan is to keep trying until I get a booth. I will however still be going to D-Con and passing out business cards and flyers, cause that's a great place for marketing. Anyhow I know you are all disappointed that I won't have a booth….or at least you are good at faking it, so Thanks, all of you for rooting for me. ....
.. ..
Talk to you later Fans :P....
Caralyn ....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fireworks Art!

The 4th of July, a time to reflect on our country’s independence…and there is no better way to do that then to grill 8 different kinds of meat and to blow stuff up.:)
But since mom won’t let us play with matches here’s a fun SAFE way to make some creative fireworks. What you will need: paper, paint (as many colors as you like), water, and a drinking straw.
Mix your paint with water making it liquidly, dip the straw into the mixture and let the paint drop onto the paper. Next using the clean end of the straw (and I can’t stress that enough, unless you want to look like you made out with a clown) gently blow the drop of paint until it spreads out creating a colorful array of your very own firework art. Just the kind of thing our forefathers would want…and no threat of blowing off any digits. ;)

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Dragon Con Art Show

For those of you who know what Dragon Con is you know it is fast approaching, and for those of you who don't know what it is, D-Con is the largest multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film in the US.
Dragon Con's art show is one of my favorite exhibits that D-Con has to offer, artists from all over come to display their work. It is amazing to see all the different styles of professionals and armatures lining the walls and this year I want to be part of it.
First step to reaching my goal to be in the art show is applying for it and paying the application fee..Done and Done!
Second step is deciding what art to send into the D-Con jury. Yes the jury will decide my artistic fate. And boy was that a chore. The tedious task begins with picking which pictures I want to submit. That's not too hard you may think, but for a person like me who is incapable of making a decision when it comes to my art, it is a long drawn out task that usually ends in tears and half my hair missing. But after sopping up my face and covering my hair in a hat I made my choice. Time to send it to the jury…Dun Dun DUN!
Third step…we wait. I hate waiting, someone as impatient as myself doesn't wait…we simmer…like a pot on a stove getting warmer and warmer until the lid flies off (yes that has happened to me before, apparently you aren't supposed to leave a pot on high for 12 hours…who would've thought). "Oh please, oh please, OH PLEASE pick my art for the show" runs over and over in my head as I wait…as patiently as I am capable for the letter saying "you are accepted". If I had gone to college I imagine waiting on that letter would've been much the same.
Unfortunately step three is where I must leave you…I know the suspense is killing you right….me too, but I haven't heard back from the jury to whether or not I've been accepted. I will keep everyone posted though. Check back in a few weeks I should be hearing from them soon.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We Are All Artists

I’ve found sometimes that after people see my art they say things like “I wish I had talent” or “I’m not creative”. Just because you can’t draw or sculpt the way someone else does, doesn’t mean you aren’t artistic. The definition of art is (the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.)

Art can be anything that shows an individual’s creative side, like acting or writing. Even building a spaceship out of Legos can be art. YAY for Legos! Expressing yourself in any form is a way of being artistic. So show off your creative side people, because you are all artists! :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Decorating Easter Eggs

This is actually an old trick that my Dad taught me. Boiled eggs, a white crayon and an assortment of egg dye are all you need. First, take a boiled egg and with the white crayon draw anything you want… stripes, dots, the Mona Lisa... anything. Then dip the egg in the dye (don’t forget to follow the egg-dying directions) When you remove the egg from the dye you will see that the dye only stays in the places not colored by the white crayon, neat huh? Then after it dries, draw something else on the egg then submerge it in the dye again. This time when it comes out the drawing that you did the second time will remain the color of whatever you dyed the egg first. Repeat this as many times as you want to make your egg a beautiful array of colors.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Monday, February 4, 2008

How to make your own pop-up Valentine ’s Day cards

It’s not hard… all you need is some different color construction paper, scissors, glue and markers. First, fold two different color pieces of construction paper in half. On one piece, draw a heart shape making sure to draw it so the bottom and top of the heart are on the fold. Cut along the heart shape but don’t cut it all the way out. On opposite sides of the heart leave about an inch of paper uncut, this will hold the pop-up in place. Now push the heart shape forward so it is folding the opposite way as the rest of the construction paper. See how it stands up now, cute huh? Apply glue to the back of the construction paper except for the heart pop-up. Now just stick it to the other folded piece of paper, making sure the sides meet. And Voila you have a pop-up! Then you can use the markers to write sweet notes to your Valentine, or just decorate it with more hearts.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Taking the New Year One Step at a Time.

A new day, a new year…a new resolution.

Unlike most people I am not intimidated by this. What’s my secret you ask?

I believe in taking it one step at a my drawing. People often ask me how I draw so well. The truth is I didn’t start out that way. When I was a child I couldn’t draw at all, not even a legible stick figure, so instead I would trace everything. I would place a picture up to the window with a piece of paper over it and draw over the lines. After a few years I was able to change small things on the pictures without tracing, until eventually I didn’t need to trace at all. I took it a step at a time. I guess you could say tracing was like my artist training wheels. So my advice to everyone is, if you want to knock out your new year’s resolution this year, take it one step at a time.