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Mystic Reflections' Creations

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Monday, March 12, 2018

And then a Cutethulhu was Born...

Hello Art Fans!
Today I am going to be walking you through how I make one of my Cutethulhus. These little baby Cthulhus are a fan favorite and I have a difficult time keeping these tiny Eldergods in stock. But I do enjoy working on these little maddening dears so it is never long before I have another batch sculpted.
Anyway, let's show you all how these sweet dream thieves get created.
I usually make them all in varying shades of green polymer clay. I start with a fat clay rod.
Shaping a ball at the end of the rod gets the head started.
Red glass beads are inserted into the head for eyes.

Then I sculpt eye lids around each bead. Making sure to smooth out each piece of clay that is added to the main rod body.

Gotta give our guys some hips that don't lie. :P
 Smooth those hips into the body.

Now lets make some arms and feet for our little Eldergod. I start with little tear drop shapes and cut three toes into the tops of the drops. Then each toe is smoothed out and given a tiny claw on the end.
Little body parts; bones, skulls and hearts, are made a head of time and then added to the awaiting arms of the mini Thulhus.

And no Cthulhu, cute or not, is complete without their tentacles. So we roll out some thin clay rods, attach them to the tiny nose and twist them about.

The next step is tedious and time consuming but our sculpture just wouldn't be complete without it. Circular tools are used to add small scales to the polymer clay, one at a time.

Clay spines/hairs are rolled out and placed down the back of our creations.

Time for the wings. After sculpting some teeny bat like wings, they are attached to complete our Cutethulhu's look.

Once the sculpture is baked, small details are painted on and our Cutethulhu is Born.
This little Eldergod is ready to make you go mad with cuteness...Sweet Dreams! :)

Cutethulhus just wanna enslave your mind. 
Hope you enjoyed this step by step blog. I only have a few of these unique pieces in stock so make sure to check out my Etsy store for my available pieces.
For more of my work visit my FaceBook and Instagram sites.
Thanks for reading!

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