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Mystic Reflections' Creations

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Thumbs hurt so Bad!

In my short time as a Myxie creator I have discovered a few things, such as if you leave a sculpture in the oven for over three hours, it turns into charcoal, also I've learned a little about which clays work best. I have chatted with a few fellow artists that told me about Sculpey. This is great polymer clay for someone with a light touch, Sculpey is extremely easy to mold. But for someone like me with led fingers, I found this clay usually left me with odd looking Myxies. Discovering a polymer clay called Premo helped me solve my problem. It is firmer and takes slightly more effort to mold, making it the ideal clay for making my sculptures as detailed as I desire. Like Sculpey, Premo comes in various colors. But for reasons unbeknownst to me, different colors can be easier to mold then others, thus sticking me in the same predicament as I was in with the sculpey. After trying a variety of different Premo colors I settled on one that was the perfect firmness for my creations, Premo Beige. Unfortunately using only the one color makes it difficult to have different skin colors. Since I didn't want my Myxies to be identical, same skin colors caused a problem. But with having so many options of colored clay to choose from, it wasn't a problem for long. By mixing a small piece of another color I found I could keep the firmness of the Beige while being able to have an array of different skin colors. A small piece of white for lighter skins, a piece of tan for darker etc. Which brings me to the reason for this blog. All that mixing and kneading leaves my thumbs raw and blistered. It's not unlike how they felt after hours of playing Final Fantasy 8 with my brother. They look like I was using them to stir a hot cup of coffee. But alas, the Art must go on, so until I found a better way of mixing the clay I will continue to have blistahs on me fingahs. But enough complaining from me.
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