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Friday, December 19, 2008

AAAway in a Planter's Can

Oh boy it’s that wonderful time of year when family and friends come together to celebrate the day of a very special birth…no it’s not MY birthday…good guess though. :D It’s Christmas! Time to put out the lights and the garland…just like Jesus would want…and who wouldn’t, Lights and Garland are GREAT! But to make your decorations complete you must put out the Nativity scene. What do you mean you don’t have one, and you can’t buy one cause you spent the last of your money on a Beer hat for uncle Fred? Well never you fear, we can make one.
This is actually something my older sister did for the family one year, she was creative like that…and a little strange :P
Nativity Scene Peanuts Style! All you need are a few peanuts still in their shells, an assortment of colored fabric, popsicle sticks, tooth picks, poster board, glue and markers.
First we start buy making the people, take a peanut and draw a face on one side with the markers. Next cut out clothes from the fabric. Small squares should do it, peanuts don’t have much to cover up. Glue the clothes on the shells and use your imagination to make them look like the Wise men, Mary and Jesus etc. Next cut out small ovals in the poster board, glue two of them to the bottom of each peanut, this will help your peanut people stand.
Once you have your people the way you want, it’s time for the manger. Take a popsicle stick and cut it in half. Lay the halves side by side and glue the touching sides together. Repeat this with two other sticks. After the glue is dry, make a v shape with two popsicle sticks using the third as a base. Glue all that mess together and fill it with tooth picks to act as hay. Then you just lay your baby Jesus Peanut in the manger and you have a adorable little nativity scene that even Planters can enjoy :)

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