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Mystic Reflections' Creations

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Inspiration

I never really knew how much I would enjoy sculpting until about two years ago when I created the Myxies. I have always appreciated sculptors and their work but never considered myself one. Before I got started sculpting I often surfed the web for different artists. I gathered ideas on materials and techniques from them and along with watching “How to” videos on youtube I was encouraged to create my own.

These are a few amazing artists that inspired my sculptures. Aidamaris Roman’s sculptures are so realistic, from the glass eyes to the fingernails, she is a very gifted artist. Michelle Bradshaw is incredible, so much detail in such little figures. Erin Metcalf, her art is adorable, colorful and her creations are some of the most imaginative I have ever seen. Marchella has inspired my Myxies the most, her fairy tale, cartoonish creations are similar to what I was striving for with my own. Ron Mueck, his HUGE sculptures are incredibly detailed and beautiful. Willy Whitten not only is a friend of mine but helped create some of films most memorable creations, like in The Thing and Aliens.

I hope these links can help any future sculptors find their inspiration the way they helped me.


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