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Mystic Reflections' Creations

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

That was Weird...

So Happy about how easy the Dragon Con sign up was this year. Since I won two awards, best Fairy and Best Horror at Dragon Con 2010, I didn’t have to go through the Art Show Jury this year. Thanks to all the attendees who voted for my work and saved me the tedious task of selecting which of my pieces to send to be judged. Not to mention, being able to now avoid the long wait on “will I be excepted in the show or not” that follows. This time I just filled out what displays and tables I wanted and Bop! Bam! Boo! I was done in like 5 minutes…leaving me plenty of time to do other things I needed to get done. Such as staring mindlessly at my computer, trying to look as though I’m working diligently on pointless Reports while actually daydreaming about weather I’d be a Super Hero or Villain, if I had a special power. Ya know, real important stuff. :P

I’m so excited whenever Dragon Con comes around…as always I’m full of so many ideas for pieces I want to get done in time for the Art show, but as always I don’t have enough time for them all. So, for this month, I’ll spend some of my time deciding which pieces will be a part of the show and which ones will have to wait another year. So hard to choose but, alas, I only have the one set of hands…just until I have the surgery to get more accomplished and become Octohand the superhero with eight hands who cranks out piece after piece of beautiful art in minutes. Then no doubt I would get to arting so fast that some unforeseen accident happens leaving me horribly mangled and bitter thus making me decide on a life of crime. Then my name would be OctoCrime…yeah nice ring to that…and I’d terrorize the city with all the mayhem I’d cause.
Wow that was a bit of a strange tangent…. Oh well back to pretending to work.

Thanks for reading, keep checking my blog for updates on my art.
~Caralyn aka Octohand :P

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